Clergy Reflection – April 21, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

What a glorious Holy Week and Easter we celebrated here at St. John’s this past week! Spectacular music, humble foot washing, moving prayers, breathtaking flowers, sparkling silver and candles, bread and wine, reverent worship leaders, and the spirit of a community gathered to worship Jesus Christ. To share just one snapshot of the week with you, I was struck by the solo piece sung at the ecumenical noon Good Friday service by Giovanni Spanu. When he was finished, you could hear a pin drop. It was deeply moving. One life-long member told me later that that service was the best service he had ever attended at St. John’s, bar none.

We often use the expression “The Body of Christ” in the church, which is another way of saying “the community of Jesus.” It is at times like these when the reality of this becomes especially clear. I was out with the flu for nine days, not returning until Maundy Thursday, and yet everything ran beautifully both with and without me – and this was only possible because of the community. Dozens of people each gave of their gifts and love to make the week unfold with beauty, meaning, and reverence.

The Altar Guild, the Flower Guild, the choir and soloists, the chalicists, the vergers, the readers, the prayer leaders, the ushers and greeters, the volunteer office workers (and bulletin folders!), those who deliver flowers to shut-ins, and countless others quietly ensured the success of the season. My deep thanks to all of you. In addition, I also want to thank the staff who go above and beyond this time of year. I am deeply grateful to Rob Ginn and Martha Shook for the creation of countless bulletins, to Peter Bouras for the spotless facilities and set up and clean up of all the events, to Donna Hingston for the lovely children’s events and care, and to Francie Fitch for her fabulous selection of music and leadership of our excellent choir. Finally, my deep appreciation goes to Stephen Voysey who stepped up when I was sick to take on six additional services during Holy Week. I could recover in peace knowing that the parish was in good hands.

THIS is the Body of Christ in action! We are many people, but one Body, all in service to God, each other, and the world. Alleluia!

You are very dear to me and to God in Christ.

Faithfully yours,