Clergy Reflection – August 25, 2017


Clergy Reflection for 8/25/17






As a former teacher, September always feels like to start of a new year, the academic year. It was a time of energy and enthusiasm as I looked forward to what might happen differently this year than past ones due to new people being involved or new programs to try out.

It is no different at St. John’s as September is the start of the “program year” at churches. I look forward to seeing good friends and acquaintances who have been away over the summer, and I look forward to meeting new people who are coming to see what St. John’s has to offer. While many of the programs will be familiar ones, there will be some new ones as well, such as Wednesdays Unplugged. I am excited to see where the Spirit will lead us together over the next months.

At every baptism we renew our own baptismal covenant. One of the questions asked is “Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself?” And we respond, “I will, with God’s help.” Individually and as a church we are asked to seek and serve Christ in all persons. How will we do this over the year ahead?

On Saturday September 9th from 9-11, those who choose to come will have the opportunity to reflect and discuss this question. It is a time set apart from the regular doings of one’s life to consider how we see and serve Christ in others, how we can set up opportunities to find joy in serving others. I hope you can join me as we explore where we are being called to serve.