Clergy Reflection – January 27, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Did you know that the color of the hangings on the altar tell you what church season we are in? Do you know what a lavabo bowl is? Do you know that our weekly scripture readings are part of a three-year cycle? Are you looking for a unique spiritual practice? These and other questions can be answered when you join the Altar Guild!
This delightful ministry of men and women tend the altar for worship. They both set it up and clean up afterwards. They place all the hangings, set up the silver, arrange the linens, fill the oil in the candles, and ensure that the whole altar area is prepared as for guests at a meal. We all join God around the table. That time of preparation and clean-up becomes a holy practice.
It is also a great way to connect with people in the congregation, not only with your set-up partner, but outside of worship as well. This week the Altar Guild and I were treated to a lovely tea at the home of Phoebe Coues. After helping ourselves to cucumber sandwiches, cookies, cake, fruit, and tea, we enjoyed happy conversations and the business of the meeting. We debated burning palm branches for the ashes of Ash Wednesday, we discussed best practices for stripping of the altar at Maundy Thursday, we considered fund raising possibilities, we pondered purchasing blue hangings for Advent, and shared stories and laughter!
If you think you might like to join the Altar Guild, no matter your age or gender, please contact the Chair, Carroll Clark, at 978-468-1407 or Training is provided.
You are very dear to me and to God in Christ.
Faithfully yours,