Clergy Reflection – September 22, 2017

Clergy Reflection

September 22, 2017



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

One of the great sea changes I have noticed during my 22 years of ordained ministry is the role of the family in church. Family life has become so stretched, and calendars so full, that many families find their weekends are booked. They cannot find time for church. As a result, not only do the children not received much Christian education, but the parents don’t have time to connect with other adults and nurture their own faith. We have even discovered Moms at St. John’s sharing Christian curriculum with each other in order to “home-school” their kids in the faith, since they cannot get to church. What we have realized is that if family life has changed, so too should the church.

St. John’s has come up with a response to this, which we are calling “Wednesdays Unplugged.”

Parents: Would you like someone else to cook a healthy dinner for your family and clean up afterwards? Would you like some time in your week with other adults? Would you like your kids to receive creative fun time exploring their faith? Would you like to spend a little time each week connecting with God? Would you like you and your kids to disconnect from screens and phones for a while and interact with other human beings? Would you like to do this without your kids missing their sports games on the weekends?

Beginning on Wednesday, October 4, every Wednesday from 6:30pm – 8:00pm, St. John’s will be offering Wednesdays Unplugged. Come as you are with the whole family. You will enjoy a meal, time exploring your faith in creative ways, child care for the littlest ones, and concluding with a 15-minute “Compline” service. You’ll be heading home by 8:00pm. This is not just like Sunday morning, but an entirely different event. I am grateful to Rev. Stephen Voysey for his leadership on this outstanding new initiative!

You are very dear to me and to God in Christ.

Faithfully yours,



P.S. This coming Wednesday, September 27, our Minister of Music, Francie Fitch, will be offering a special evening for kids, also from 6:30 – 7:30pm with dinner. See information in the Tidings for the “Hiding in Plain Sight” party for all children in the church school (K-8).