Clergy Reflection – September 29, 2017

Clergy Reflection

September 29, 2017


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Tomorrow I will have the honor of leading a wedding service in the afternoon. On Sunday I will rejoice to preside at a celebration of the Eucharist. Several weeks ago I served at our Deanery Confirmation service, and on November 5th I will Baptize two children into the Body of Christ. What do these events all have in common? They all are, of course, sacraments of the church. The other three sacraments are ordination, reconciliation of a penitent, and healing of the sick. According to the Prayer Book, sacraments are “outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace.”

We are all blessed with God’s grace, God’s unearned favor, on a regular basis both in and outside the church. But we know that through the sacraments, God’s grace is assured.

Grace is like after having goofed off all day and not having done your share of work around the house, your spouse decides to cook you a delicious gourmet meal, just because. A sign of love, unearned. A sacrament is a giving of God’s grace to us. We cannot SEE grace, but we can feel and see and taste the sacraments, and know that they are signs that the Almighty is showering us with favor, whether we deserve it or not, just because.

And one of the great blessings is that every Sunday we can receive God’s amazing grace as we kneel around the altar with our church family and partake of communion. At that moment we are both affirming our participation in the Body of Christ, as well as being given blessings and grace for the journey. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

You are very dear to me and to God in Christ.

Faithfully yours,