Church School

St. John’s Church School strives to create a place where children can come closer to God and each other.  We help children feel comfortable, loved and valued at church, teach them about the roots of our faith, and prepare them for active participation in the community of faith and worship. We know that all children are born with an innate knowledge of God, and hope to provide them with the opportunity, language and freedom to deepen that relationship as they grow.

On Church School Sundays classes begin at 9:45 a.m.  Children go directly to their classrooms, younger ones escorted by parents.  Children in grades K-7 join the congregation in the church at the Peace and remain through the end of the service.  Children in Kindergarten and younger remain in their classrooms until met by parents after the worship service concludes.

Sunday Morning Child Care

Child care for infants, scramblers, and toddlers is available from 9:30 a.m. to the end of the 10:00 a.m. service every Sunday morning. Trained, experienced people staff the nursery. Children will find lots of creative toys for play, and parents will be offered pagers to ease their minds while in church services. Many friendships have begun in this cozy and nurturing room!

The Kingdom Pre-school for Threes and Fours

The Kingdom hums with excited voices of young children enjoying appropriately structured free play time, creative movement, stories, songs, art time, and a small snack with prayer. Children sing songs in class and perform occasionally in church with a “Kingdom Sing!” 


Kindergarten & Grade 1

Godly Play, a Montessori-related approach to learning, uses Bible stories, parables, and liturgical lessons to nourish each child’s individual spiritual development.  The program consists of story-telling, wondering, and response time. Story-tellers use beautifully crafted props to illustrate the sacred stories and children may use them in their story response time.

Grades 2 & 3

Building on previous years, Godly Play continues, focusing on developing elementary school children as we explore the curriculum more deeply.  This fall we will present the foundational Hebrew stories of Creation, Noah, The Exodus, Jonah,  and more.

Grades 4 & 5

This class also uses the Godly Play core curriculum adding enhancements to meet the needs of older children who have developed a base of knowledge through the program, and can use more advanced reasoning skills and Christian language.

Grades 6 & 7

Students in 6/7 Grades explore how the Bible can bring meaning to their lives today, using a student Bible that offers information in several formats including traditional scripture, visual aids, questions and commentary.  Making it Real and Relevant is their multi-media curriculum that follows the church lectionary calendar and applies clips from movies, modern literature and news events to help students make connections to their own experiences and broaden their understanding of scripture.


Sunday Worship Opportunities for Children and Youth

Youngsters are a welcome addition to Sunday morning worship as greeters, readers, prayer leaders, ushers, and acolytes.  Brief training can be arranged for anyone interested.  Please use the contact information below.

For more information please call 978.927.0229 ext. 14 or go to “Contact” and send an email message with “Church School” in the subject line.

Teachers, please follow this link to choose your Sundays to teach: