2017-2018 Concert Series Schedule

We had a great season – thanks for your support! Here’s the music our patrons enjoyed:

Trio Amphion – French and German Baroque Chamber Music  – October 15, 2017 4pm

Trio Amphion are Jesse Lepkoff, Baroque flute and recorder, Alice Robbins, viola da gamba, and Frances Conover Fitch, harpsichord. This concert features virtuoso solos, duos and trios by Telemann, Bach, Jacquet de la Guerre, Hotteterre, Boismortier, and Leclair.

Seven Times Salt – Easy as Lying: the Music of Shakespeare’s Globe – November 12, 2017 4pm

A spirited musical celebration in honor of William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday: some songs the Bard mentions by name, as well as works by his musical contemporaries including Morley, Ferrabosco, Byrd, Dowland, and Robert Johnson. With choice excerpts from his plays, read aloud by Seven Times Salt’s finest thespians. Dances from the Elizabethan & Jacobean courts and a saucy ballad or two round out the afternoon’s festivities.

St. John’s Choir and Guests – Candlelight Advent Evensong featuring Wachet auf (Bach Cantata 140) – December 3, 2017 4pm

“Wake awake, for the night is flying!” sings the choristers to herald the advent of the infant savior. Baroque strings, winds and harpsichord accompany choir and soloists.

Derek Beckvold and Ustsav Lal – Explorations in North Indian Classical Music – February 11, 2018 4pm

This highly spiritual tradition includes an idea that playing music taps into Brahma, the creator god in Hinduism, where the beginning of life on earth was made with vibration: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Come to this concert to engage in musical learning and appreciation of what is beautiful and good in other cultures: a lesson in building bridge, not walls, across our common humanity.

St. John’s Choir and Guests Good Friday concert – In the Shadows: A Tenebrae Service – March 30, 2018 7:30 pm

A contemplative service that uses symbolism to dramatize and deepen the experiences of Holy Week. With Spanish Renaissance settings of the Tenebrae text—“How solitary lies the city, once so full of people”—by Juan de Lienas and Tomás Luis da Victoria, and Gregorian chant settings of the Canticles and Psalms.

Frances Conover Fitch, harpsichord – All Dance! – April 22, 2018 4 pm

A collection of dances for the harpsichord chosen from across five centuries: Renaissance Italy through each 100-year period to America in 2007. Played by St. John’s Minister of Music, once called “the grande dame of the harpsichord” on a sparkling two-manual French double harpsichord.

Jeremy Bruns, organ – A Visit with the King of Instruments  – June 3, 2018, 4pm

Formerly Director of Music at St. John’s, the current Assistant Director of Music at St. Paul’s Church and Choir School in Harvard Square plays St. John’s Church’s 3-manual, 5-division organ by M.P. Moller. From quiet and sweet to full-voiced and triumphant  a feast of sound.